About us
A pet chews manufacturing company that stands out for the quality and safety of each product.
Faithful Friend seeks to be a project with minimal impact on the environment. We strive to create new products that help to diversify the offer of our customers, always using nutritional ingredients and always trying to avoid choking hazards for our pets.
Ethically sourced from Colombian livestock.
The geographical characteristics of the livestock-regions of Colombia allow the cattle to live and graze freely outdoors. The slaughterhouses where we acquire the raw materials comply with all health and animal welfare standards and protocols ordered by law in our country.
Quality products require quality sources.
of raw materials used by Faithful Friend Chews come from certified slaughterhouses that comply with government animal welfare and health standards.
of our sourced cattle is Colombian grass-fed.
of our company's personnel is food safe certified.
We seek to become a reliable distributor capable of meeting the demand of companies located in United States and Western Europe.
About our manufacturing process.
We thoroughly review and select the raw material. It is transported under constant refrigeration to our facilities where we clean, assemble, process, and pack the chews. Laboratory tests are carried out randomly to guarantee the safety of the merchandise. They are packed indicating packing dates to ensure freshness. Our manufacturing process has been largely inspired by our pets and what we would like for them to receive. As veterinarians we want to give a suitable product for dogs that is palatable, easy to digest. and nutritious. We work with honesty and commitment, always thinking about the product we are looking to feed our own pets while we manufacture them.
We are proud of our company that strives to make pet chews with the same dedication as if they were for our consumption.
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