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Donut dogt treat.
Donut dogt treat
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We are a company located in Bogot√°, Colombia. We began marketing products of animal origin in 2016 and since then we began to focus our project on the production of healthy chew toys for dogs. It has been a long learning process but each step has allowed our quality and efficiency in the process to be much better today.

We collect and review the raw material. It is transported refrigerated to the warehouse where we clean and put the products together by hand, process them and pack them at our facilities.

Our company guarantees that the products used to make our chews are fresh and harmless. Ideal to protect the health of our pets.
Free-grazing Colombian livestock.
Safe and healthy products for your pet.
In Colombia, 99% of cattle are grazed throughout their lives, which allows us to have healthier animals since overcrowding is avoided and also guarantees a more comfortable and natural life. In the slaughterhouses where we acquire raw materials, animal welfare is guaranteed from the moment they arrive until the moment of slaughter.
A pet chews manufacturing company that stands out for the quality and safety of our products.
Cute cow.
We are proud of our company that strives to make pet chews with the same dedication as if they were for our consumption.
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